Cancun climate summit garners hope of balanced outcome

Cancun climate summit garners hope of balanced outcome

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NEW DELHI: Just a week ahead of the climate change summit in Cancun, there appears to be some resurgence of hope that the UN sponsored process will result in a balanced outcome, which could result in a global agreement at a later date. India appears to have played a pro-active and constructive role in laying out the basis for this balanced outcome.

Environment minister Jairam Ramesh’s framework on “international consultation and analysis” balanced out by a technology mechanism, actual disbursement of finance, found acceptance among participants of the recently concluded meeting of Major Economies Forum.

The Major Economies Forum meet in Washington was attended by representatives of 17 major economies and emitters, as well as the United Nations, with Barbados, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Denmark, New Zealand, Singapore, and Spain. The participants expressed support for concluding a “package of decisions at Cancun” which would include adaptation, mitigation, MRV/ICA, finance, and technology.

In his note to the MEF, Mr Ramesh had made it clear that developing countries would consider signing on to a system of global monitoring of climate change efforts or international consultation and analysis only if industrialised rich countries met certain conditions. This includes the US improving its emisssion reduction pledges, and industrialised countries will have to agree to a second commitment period for the Kyoto Protocol. While the chair’s summary of the MEF meeting is silent on the emission reduction targets of the US and other industrialised countries, there appears to be a consensus on an agreement on future Kyoto commitments in a Cancun package. There was also discussion of the relationship between the Kyoto Protocol and LCA tracks.


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