Tulum One of the Best Opportunities in Mexico Land Investment

Tulum One of the Best Opportunities in Mexico Land Investment

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Many American and Canadian buyers over the past couple of decades have bought, build, sold and made a fortune on Mexico land. These opportunities have, by no means, disappeared. Buyers right now only need to know where to look to do the same.

Where, then, is a good place to look? There is one little town which has already been a favorite for American, Canadian and European tourists for decades, with an awe-inspiring pyramid site, with its main building on a cliff overlooking the beach and the turquoise Caribbean. Investors and retirees have already begun buying land – everything from raw land, to eco-communities, to upscale developments with full, modern underground infrastructure and wiring (including fibre-optics!)

If you know the area, you may have guessed that this is Tulum. Tulum real estate is promising to follow the huge investment success seen in the booming communities to the north, Cancun and Playa del Carmen, and perhaps even outstrip them.

With a new international airport in the early stages (bidding for private concession for construction and operation during most of 2010), and a very rare balance of care and respect for the environment with high-quality modern infrastructure and comfort, Tulum is really poised not only to boom in tourism over the next while, but also in real estate for international buyers.

Areas to watch for Mexico land in Tulum include:

The downtown area. Currently, only a village, the areas surrounding the current town center are seeing a number of excellent high-quality developments designed to be a part of the new downtown. To guide the expected growth, a carefully planned urban growth strategy has been developed to ensure that the quaint, small town atmosphere is retained, adding new village center areas in larger developments. The area surrounding the current village will continue to be more desirable as development continues.

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