Gay Men to Get Their Own Slice of Heaven in Tulum Mexico

Men to Get Their Own Slice of Heaven in Tulum Mexico

Tulum Real Estate Information

The new gay hotel in Miami, The Lords South Beach, just got outgayed!
The new gay hotel in Miami, The Lords South Beach, just got outgayed! The legalization of gay marriage has made Mexico City a travel hot spot for the LGBT community, and now it looks like the Mexican Carribean region is about to get a little gayer. A new hotel catering exclusively to gay men is set to open in Mexico’s Riviera Maya in January. It will be the first of its kind in the state of Quintana Roo. The Adonis Tulum hotel sits near the Tulum hotel zone, very close to the archaeological site of the same name and it has 94 luxury suites. A similar hotel called OUT N.Y.C is planned to open later in the year in New York City. While the two business ventures are similar, they are unrelated.

News reports today say that a new “Gay Men Only” luxury hotel will be opening in Mexico’s Riviera Maya next month. According to the general director of the Adonis Tulum Gay Men Resort & Spa:

“The hotel is uniquely for men. That is to say, only homosexual couples are accepted, it’s not for women, although among our personnel we have heterosexual men and women and all have received specialized training to avoid having our guests feel uncomfortable or discriminated against,” Patrick Lurenz said.

The hotel is also putting a restriction on men who enter the hotel with minors which we take to mean men showing up with other men/boys who are not quite legal. Although, we’re guessing this hotel may not want any children of the couples to stay over either.

Lords South Beach, on the other hand, is definitely a gay hotel but rather calls itself an “appropriately-oriented” hotel. And it doesn’t exclusively limit itself to gay men.

Either way, we’ll be anticipating the opening of the Adonis Tulum in January. Right now, there is no website but we did find an Expedia listing which shows the hotel as being all-inclusive (hmm…oxymoron?) with the Partenon suite going for $609 a night the weekend of January 14-16.

The suite includes 1 king or two double beds, a balcony with either a pool, beach or courtyard view, jetted tub, complimentary bottled water, “designer toiletries”, a bathroom scale, blackout shades and best of all, free WiFi.


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