The 7th Annual International Music Festival in Puerto Morelos January 26th-28th, 2012 and February 2nd-4th

Pull out your dancing shoes and get ready to enjoy some amazing music from around the world in Puerto Morelos.

The Casa de Cultura in Puerto Morelos is hosting the event, and it will be held in the zocalo right in the heart of Puerto Morelos.

The festival will be running for 2 consecutive weeks/weekends:
January 26th- 28th, 2012 and February 2nd-4th, 2012.

Please read more below for the artist line up and events calendar.

The event is free and open to the public and we hope to see you there!

For further informaiton visit their website:

• Ballet Folklórico (Puerto Morelos) -Folkloric Dance
• Bogdan Djukic & Bolé (Yugoslavia-Tulum)-Celtic, Gypsy
• Carlos Gaviola (Argentina-Cancún)-Argentinean Pop
• Chapel Square Combo (Virginia, USA)-Jazz students from
Virginia Music Adventures.
• Cinema Dub (Barcelona-Puerto Morelos)-Dubstep and World
• Compañía 20 Varos (Mexico/France)-Circus Performers
• Compañía Quelar Flamenco-Spanish Dance
• Compañía Bajo Luz A.C.-Contemporary Dance
• Conexión y Resonancia (Venezuela-France)-Ancestral Multi-
Ethnic instruments
• Daniel Cortés-Saxophonist
• Dueto Ohm (Playa del Carmen)- Acoustic Rock
• El Pollo y los Vegetarianos (Cancún)-Rock Fusion
• Eleonor Dubinsky (New York)- American Folk, Soul, French
• Fuego Maya (Playa del Carmen)- Pre-Columbian Instruments
• Galería Mental (Puerto Morelos-Playa del Carmen)-Multi-
Ethnic and Multidiscipline Fusion
• I & I (Mérida)-Reggae
• Javier Rojas (Cancún)- Contemporary Mexican Guitar
• Kathy Wilson y Los Chicleros (San Fco-Puerto Morelos)- Blues,
Rock, Reggae
• Men in Blues (Canadá-Puerto Morelos)-Blues
• Operación Cangrejo (Puerto Morelos)-Reggae, World Music
• Ramiro Alejandro (Puerto Morelos)-Violin
• RoBot (Playa del Carmen)-Electric Pop
• Rogelio Canché (Puerto Morelos-Zona Maya)-Singing Mayan
• Salsa Latina (Cancún)-Salsa
• Saltimbanqui(Cancún)-Latin Fusion
• Skank Kin (Cozumel)-Reggae
• Son Aluxes (Playa del Carmen)
• Són de Tres (Puerto Morelos)
• TLS (Playa del Carmen)-Acid Jazz
• Volttax (Cancún)-Heavy Metal


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