Riviera Maya, Gorgeous celebrities, a beach and a billionaire -was this the best birthday party of all time for Sir Phillip Green?

If we had to describe our dream birthday party, this would probably be it. So we’re very jealous that the person getting this birthday party is Sir Philip Green, whose 60th ‘do is much cooler than our 21st/ 18th/ actually any birthday we’ve ever had. This seems unfair. Sir Philip’s birthday took place in Mexico, with guests including Kate Hudson, Leo DiCaprio, Simon Cowell, Naomi Campbell and her bloke Vladislav Doronin, Ronnie Wood and Kate Moss all hanging out on the beach together. Oh, and of course Philip’s daughter Chloe was there too, but you’d probably expect that.


And if you thought they might have been doing too much with all this ‘tottering about on the beach’ business, don’t worry -they apparently had some £50 burgers to keep them going. Yes you did hear that right -that was fifty quid for a burger. Sir Philip -who’s a billionaire, in case that wasn’t evident from the rest of this story -apparently also got guests to wear t-shirts with his initials on, and had his face beamed up on some rocks. Yes yes, again -no problems with your hearing.


And if guests got bored of looking at Sir Philip’s face, they could always have a watch of some of the performers -two guys you might have heard of called Stevie Wonder and Robbie Williams. Even the 155-strong team of staff flown over from the UK to organise the party were treated to five-star hotel accommodation. A Mirror source said: “It was the most spectacular party I have ever seen. The venue was just stunning, you couldn’t pick a better place in the world.


Guests were told to go to Luton airport on Tuesday with their passports, knowing only that they were being flown to a mystery location across the Atlantic. Their private jets landed at Cancun airport where a fleet of cars took them to the Rosewood resort 40 minutes away for the start of a series of parties, including one themed on the Oscar-winning movie The Artist. So that’s that. Some very rich and beautiful celebrities were treated to lots of amazing free stuff in a really gorgeous location. We don’t feel at all jealous of this, and are really rather happy eating our sandwich (not worth £50, barely worth £2) at our desk.

Source: Mirror

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