Maya Priest Says World Is Suffering Chaos Due to End of 5,200-Year Cycle

Maya Priest Says World Is Suffering Chaos Due to End of 5,200-Year Cycle

ZARAGOZA, Spain – The first European Maya priest, Austrian-born Omrael Norbert Muigg, said that the “chaos” the world is suffering is a consequence of the fact that in December 2012 a cycle more than 5,200 years long – according to the Maya calendar – is ending and a new age in which humanity will experience important internal changes is in the offing.

This process of transformation brings with it a certain disorder in the development of human beings, which is currently being expressed in family, social and economic relations, the priest explained to Efe in the northeastern Spanish city of Zaragoza, where he presented his book “Sol Maya” (Maya Sun).

“The ancients say that a time is beginning in which many internal changes will occur in the human being, and while it cannot be said that nature or the climate will be worse, that could be,” he said, referring to possible natural catastrophes.

In this regard, he said that the chaos besetting the world at present, reflected in the economic situation, will be resolved when the new age settles in, that is to say within “five or 10 years.”

Muigg, who decided to leave his country 20 years ago to immerse himself in the Maya culture, visited Spain to impart his knowledge of this “wise” civilization.

“Dedicating part of my life to the interior of people was always an aim of my childhood. The Maya priest was closer to my vision than a Catholic priest,” he emphasized.

Muigg, who lives in Guatemala, considers himself to be an “intercultural bridge” open to the world who tries to transmit through his books and conferences that the desire for change that man feels inside himself can be carried out.

“The Mayas say that the most important thing for the body is to connect with the spiritual side which is the only thing that calms the interior,” he said.

Western culture needs to develop its spiritual facet to reject fears about the “invisible world” through priests who reveal their “wisdom” to others, he said.

This development could also bring with it, in his opinion, a better connection between civilizations at a time when each nation is looking within itself and is defending its own interests, because the opposite, he said, only causes conflict.

“As a foreigner in Guatemala, I experienced that when you connect to a people it opens up for you. We, as Europeans, should open our hearts to the wisdom of other races,” he said.

After imparting his knowledge in Italy and Austria, this Maya priest decided, aided by the Ancestral Voices Foundation, to begin his work in Spain, a country which has always felt the presence of three “spiritual forces” – St. George, St. James the Apostle and the Virgin of Montserrat.

“The three are present in Guatemala due to the Spanish conquest. When I walked with the Maya elders I felt the magnetism of these energies and how they guided me on my own road,” Muigg said. EFE


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