EXICO CITY – Mexico’s government plans an investment of 38 billion pesos ($2.9 billion) to modernize roads this year, the general director of highways, Hector Arvizu, of the Communications and Transport Secretariat, said.

The secretariat said in a communique that according to the Highway Construction and Modernization Program, 24 billion pesos ($1.8 billion) will be allocated from the federal budget and the remaining 14 billion pesos ($1.1 billion) from the National Infrastructure Fund.

At the 2013 National Communications and Transport Meeting, organized by the Mexican Construction Industry Chamber, Arvizu said that 16.7 billion pesos ($1.3 billion) will be invested in rural thoroughfares and secondary roads.

For his part, the general director of technical services, Clemente Poon, noted the need to keep technical regulations for transport infrastructure up to date, in order to guarantee safety, quality, economy and efficiency in highways, ports, airports, railroads and buildings.


“This will professionalize the different organizations in charge of supervision,” he said.

Source LAHT


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