Tulum Town, Tulum Beach, Tulum Archaeological Zone and Maya Pyramids

Three Tulums –
Tulum Town, Tulum Beach,  Tulum Archaeological Zone and Maya Pyramids.

it’s best to know, and sometimes only possible to figure it out once in Tulum that there are really three different areas all referred to as Tulum, only minutes away from each other, almost but not close enough though to walk to and from.

Tulum Pueblo / The Town sits split by highway 307 running South-North. “El Pueblo”, as referred to by locals, is home to most permanent residents, local, relocated or ex-pats and more and more snowbirds and vacationers spending more than just a few nights in the area. The Pueblo is where many of the stores, supermarkets, Banks, Schools, real estate offices and Realtors, two bus stations, inns, hostels and small hotels are located. This Pueblo section of Tulum has a definite feel of authentic Mexico. Tulum Pueblo is indeed a destination for shopping, eating out at great restaurants, enjoying a modest but growing night life, studying the local Spanish language, booking tours, banking, shopping for food, local vegetables, fruits, cafes, and local flavor, Or learning of Real Estate Options to invest or secure a Vacation Rental. Do not miss Tulum Lueblo, whatever you do.


Tulum Playa /Tulum Beach nests along the coastline that leads into the Sian Ka’an Biosphere [Ecological Reserve], the Caribbean white sandy beaches to the east, an impressive mangrove & wetland reserve to the south. Tulum Playa embraces many of the fancier, ecological, boutique and spa hotels, and it has a decent selection of restaurants and night spots. There are also still a few budget beach front cabana-type lodging locations. Walk the beach and simply step in and inquire about accommodations and rates is now almost a thing of the past so make reservations as Tulum’s popularity increases with the presence of international and Mexican celebrities.

It should be noted most of these beach establishments are Eco-friendly and do not provide electricity 24/7.


If you are staying on the beach you will dind that there are now many restaurant options on the beach. These options range from a simple fresh fruit stand by the side of the road to world class rated top ten chefs on the planet. Tulum beach road cuisine is setting a trend. Do not miss out.

One very relevant aspect to note is the fact that there are only a handful of private homes along Tulum Beach or on Tulum Beach Road, and there are no condos or apartments on the beach proper. Enjoying Tulum Beach is achieved by most resdients living in Tulum in the form of day trips. Private property that can be owned by non mexicano residents is scarce and very pricey. Talk to a professional realtor if you need to know more. Buying property in El Pueblo is less expensive and makes more sense.

Taxis have a near monopoly on transport to and from the playa. Buses come from time. Bikes are more and more popular and renting a car is a top option.

wpid-20130901_125545_1.jpgTulum Ruinas is the archaeological site where the Maya ruins of Tulum stand. It is conformed by a-mile-long road leading into the ruins from highway 307. The road is flanked by several restaurants, a commercial area geared to one-day visitors, a huge parking lot, a small bus station that operates part-time and a handful of middle range hotels.

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