The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Tulum, Mexico

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Just 80 miles from Cancún and the last stop on the Yucatán Peninsula’s Riviera Maya, Tulum has long been a fan favorite of the cool kid set from New York and Los Angeles. A bohemian paradise that remains largely untouched by the large chains that dominate this part of Mexico, Tulum is truly a special destination.

Despite all the articles claiming that Tulum is now “over,” that it is the new Williamsburg and a “basic vacation,” I contend that this destination still provides a completely wonderful and magical experience. Yes, in spite of the models all over the beach and soooo many people taking beautiful Instagrams, this little slice of white sand and aquamarine water so clear you can see your toes is still worth the trip.

We wanted to get an insider’s view of the very best Tulum has to offer, so we went to Susan Bohlken, Tulum resident and co-owner of Zamas hotel and restaurant, to offer up some favorite local spots for everything from guacamole to yoga to snorkeling.

Source, Yahoo Travel.

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