Mexican Mexicaness and Mexico Independence Day

Since the first time in Mexico it was clear to me that September is a special month. Mexico + September = Flags and mexicanness everywhere! This is the third time that I’m able to witness the special September celebrations first hand. A couple of weeks ago it already started with small stands selling items that show pure ‘mexicanness’ to the public: Flags, flags, clothing, jewelry with the colors of the Mexican flag, did I mention flags?, etc. Before continuing, I’d like to mention that when saying mexicanness, I mean everything that’s considered typically Mexican by Mexicans themselves. Of course, this is based on personal experiences and what people told me, so if you have any comments – please let me know.

Another typical thing this month is the presence of many ferias. Here you can find a lot of rides that often look like they’re about to fall

Excerpt. See full story >>>>


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