Harmony Tulum Lots – Vive en Armonía en Tulum Riviera Maya



Harmony Tulum is THE new subdivision community in Tulum.

Harmony Tulum is located just East of Holistika, the Hip Tulum Town Development and South East of La Veleta (Region 09), the booming Expat Residential area. It is on the La Quinata Avenida Las Palmas, a soon-to-come access to Tulum Town’s upcomming road connecting with the gorgeous Tulum Beaches.

Harmony Tulum  – 2.4 hectares (7.5 acres)  of pristine land. The Harmony Tulum Lots conception is born from an organic, unique and carefully designed pattern that breaks away from the square and straight boring lines of typical subdivisions. The master lot of Harmony Tulum is a triangle “split” by and “S” shape road resulting in an amazing pattern of radial vectors that shape and distribute the Lots. In addition, Harmony Tulum neatly blends into the natural surroundings providing with a unique opportunity of Tulum LifeStyle.

Harmony Tulum is only a five minute drive to the buzzing Down Town Area of Avenida Tulum and less than 3 minutes from World famed El Camello Jr and Los Aguachiles Restaurants. There is a PEMEX station just a short distance away on 307 with an Extra convenience store. The nearest OxxO store is just a an eight minute bike ride.

Getting to Tulum Beach from Harmony is achieved conveninetly via Calle 7 and Avenida Tulum, only a 12 to 15-minute car ride, now. With planning for the upcoming second access to the Beach area, the white sandy stretches and turquoise Caribbean paradise waters will be a ten minute drive, or shorter.

The lots dimensions at Harmony vary from 300 to 500 m2 (3,300 to 5,500  sq.ft.).

Building density in the area allows for single family construction per lot and in some cases multiple studio or apartments.


Dont miss out. Reserve your Harmony Tulum Now at entry prices and options


Reserve Now at Intro Pricing Starting at $150 USD per Square Meter

Lots Available Starting at $150 USD/m2 – Desde $150 USD/m2

Live in Harmony Tulum Vive en Armonía


By RE/MAX Mayaland Properties Tulum

Harmony Tulum by REMAX Tulum Mayaland Properties

Italian PM to Press for Updated EU-Mexico Accord During Official Visit to Mexico City

Italian Prime Minister to Press for Updated EU-Mexico Accord During Official Visit to Mexico City.

MEXICO CITY – Visiting Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta made a commitment on Monday to work with Mexico this year to update the 1997 Cooperation Accord between the Aztec nation and the European Union.

“We have to update the trade agreement between Europe and Mexico, we have to strengthen it,” Letta told a press conference shared with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto.

Letta recalled that Italy will occupy the rotating EU presidency beginning July 1, at a time when Mexico and Europeans seek to modernize their Economic Partnership, Political Cooperation and Cooperation Agreement

He said that Italy is Mexico’s “best ambassador in Europe” and for that reason it will do everything possible “to make sure there is a positive end result” from negotiations to bring the treaty up to date by the end of the year.

Letta said that Italy’s association with Mexico, its second biggest trade partner in Latin America, has been a wise move because “it will be one of the leading nations in the future.”

“Mexico will be seen as a leader in the history of this century and Italy wants to be by its side,” he said.

At the event, which preceded a dinner for the dignitaries and their delegations, the Mexican president said that relations with Italy, its third biggest trade partner among European countries, “has a lot of room to grow.”

Letta’s visit was a way “to expand and strengthen even more the ties that historically have been constructed between the two nations,” he said.

Trade between Mexico and Italy is currently valued at $6 billion.

Source LAHT

Mexican Senate Approves Historic Energy Reforms

Mexican Senate Approves Historic Energy Reforms

MEXICO CITY – The Senate approved legislation early Wednesday to overhaul Mexico’s energy industry in a historic move that will open the sector to private investment.

Senators must still debate some points in the bill that are being challenged by leftist lawmakers.

The bill, which was backed by the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, and the conservative National Action Party, or PAN, was approved on a vote of 95-28, Senate spokesmen said.

The bill modifies Articles 25, 27 and 28 of the Mexican Constitution in response to the “historic responsibility of turning the energy sector into the lever for national development,” the PRI said.

The session, which started at 2:30 p.m. on Tuesday, continued after the vote to approve the general terms of the bill, with senators expected to debate other points in the legislation on Wednesday.

The bill approved by senators calls for ending the monopoly on petroleum production held by state-owned oil giant Petroleos Mexicanos, or Pemex, allowing private companies to enter into profit- and production-sharing contracts with the government.

Once the bill is fully approved by the Senate, it must be approved by the lower house of Congress and at least 17 of Mexico’s 32 state legislatures.

The leftist Party of the Democratic Revolution, or PRD, opposes opening the energy industry to private investment and wants to hold a referendum in 2015 to scuttle the legislation.

Source; LAHT

10 Hot Real Estate Investment Markets in Mexico

10 Hot Real Estate Investment Markets in Mexico

Originally Published at CNBC.COM

While the US real estate market is still somewhat sluggish, things are picking up fast in Mexico.

With wage increases in China and Vietnam (as well as escalating shipping costs), outsourcing to the Far East isn’t as economically feasible as it once was, a situation that is forcing many companies to look closer to home. At the same time, retirees looking to make the most of their savings are considering relocation south of the border.

Mexico rode out the worldwide economic downturn better than many other countries and its real estate market never suffered on a level seen in the U.S. And while there was certainly excess inventory, that’s quickly being snatched up by bargain hunters.

“2012 is a turning point,” says Gary Swedback, President of NAI Mexico. “I’m seeing new private equity funds in Mexico … And by the end of the year, we’re expecting to see build-to-suits for companies that can’t find a building. By the beginning of next year, we’re going to be seeing speculative construction in some markets.”

The hot markets vary depending on a company’s need. Several industries seem to be grouping themselves in particular areas, while others want to stay close to the U.S. border to make transportation easier.

“There’s no single answer about where to locate,” says JC Goldenstein, CEO of CREOPoint.



The proximity to California has never hurt Tijuana, but as investment returns to Mexico, the city is seeing prices soar at an eye-popping rate. Swedback says demand for spaces of 100,000 square feet or more is higher than he has ever seen it in the city. And sales prices on select properties have gone up as much as 15 percent in the past two weeks.

There’s also an appeal for residential buyers, who can often cross the border and arrive at their downtown San Diego offices quicker than people who live on the other side of the city.




This central Mexico region, which includes the states of Guanajuato and Querétaro, could be the one of the biggest secrets in Mexican real estate. Swedback says automotive companies from around the world are investing heavily in the area — with Nissan and Honda setting up plants and Toyota and Nissan expanding their facilities.

“It’s so hot there now that I’ll go out with clients, who will come back in a month and all the pieces of land they were looking at have since sold,” he says. “They’re cannibalizing each other to be in prime positions.”



Yes, Cancun is already a heavily developed town, but it’s one of the busiest tourist destinations in the country, and that means it remains a prime spot for hospitality companies. While it’s not as red hot as some other areas of the country, demand is returning and prices are going up.





Cancun gets the spring breakers, but as the city gets more and more hotels, some hospitality firms are looking further down the Mayan Riviera. And Tulúm, some 75 miles south of Cancun, is starting to heat up. Because there is a protected reserve on one side of town, there’s not a lot of land to develop, which supporters say helps price appreciation. And the Mexican government is increasing infrastructure in the area, with the goal of tripling tourism to the area by 2020.

The city is also gaining some cache with the so-called 1 percent. In January, the area is especially popular with fashion designers. And Hollywood stars retreat there regularly.




Located an hour south of Mexico City, this city (nicknamed “the city of eternal spring” is an escape for well-off Mexican citizens. In terms of commercial or industrial building, there’s no demand here, but residential companies are showing interest in the area as a budding vacation resort for people who want something that’s not on the coast.




Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Like Tulum, this seaside city is benefiting from government efforts to build out infrastructure to increase tourism. Big chains are starting to talk about expansion, and prices are starting to rise, though they haven’t really exploded yet. The area south of the city has been effectively built out, but interest in the northern territories is starting to grow quickly.






Situated on the US border, this city has a highly educated and skilled population. That educated workforce is particularly appealing to factories looking to set up operations in the country. Additionally, it’s two hours east of San Diego and just over four hours from Phoenix — meaning it’s a short drive and also has easy air access through U.S. airports.




Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas

Along with Cancun and Puerto Vallarta, Cabo completes the tourism triangle of Mexico. Like its cousin cities, it’s accessible to visitors from the U.S., Canada, Europe and South America. But while there are certainly resorts opening here, the biggest push these days is for business class hotels.

While beach towns like Zihuatanejo and the coastal area south of Tijuana might seem appealing due to price, the recession was harder on those towns due to overbuilding — not the case in Cabo. It could be five or more years before those beach towns start to see real recovery, says Swedback.



This city has always been important to Mexican businesses, but a number of international firms — including Sony, Boeing and GE — have also opened branches here in recent years. It’s viewed as an “Americanized” city and is especially popular for call centers, says Goldenstein, since the Spanish accent of residents is faint to non-existent. It’s a highly developed city, though, so real estate is already at a premium.

Mexican Mortgages are Out – Owner Financing is In

Mexican Mortgages are Out – Owner Financing is In

Now it has been 2 months since Scotiabank has stopped taking loan applications, and although they have not officially announced the cancellation of the Vacation Home USD Program, everything seems to point in that direction. Scotiabank, the last mortgage funding resource for Americans and Canadians wanting to purchase a property under a bank mortgage in Mexico is no longer providing that service.

Mexico LoansAnd, although Bancomer has been for the past 7 months announcing a Peso Mortgage Loan for Americans and Canadians, the fact that the interest rate for that product has been set at 10.9% annual interest rate, will perhaps make it a not very desirable program. Americans and Canadians might be better of getting a second mortgage, or a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit), in their home country to allow for the required down payment and then obtain developer financing, or owner financing, to purchase property in Mexico’s resort areas.

This becomes a dilemma not only for developers in the need of cash, but also for private owners wanting to sell their properties and cash out at closing.

Furthermore, that also presents a problem for mortgage brokers like us, and makes us turn our selling expertise and promotion efforts to Real Estate Sales.

Therefore, unless, you are interested in a Peso Mortgage with interest rates between 9.9% interest rate, if you have an FM3, or FM2 legal residence document, or 10.9% annual interest rate, if you provide USA or Canadian loan documentation, you will have to request a mortgage in your home country.

We are now working with a USA Lender that is approved in several states in the USA through which we can provide Mortgage Loans in the States to help you in your Mexico Real Estate purchase. We will also be doing Real Estate Sales, for those interested in working with a long term Cancun-Playa del Carmen, and the Riviera Maya Real Estate and Mortgage expert.

Not to mention the fact that we are also helping several clients that have come across legal issues in the properties they have acquired, some of them dating back to 2008. You will be hearing about those problem properties and how we have been helping those clients fixing their property problems, or obtaining the refund of their deposits, somehow.

So keep us in mind if you are interested in purchasing Real Estate in Mexico’s resort areas. Our experience and knowledge of the business and legal nuances of the system will easy your purchasing process.

Mexico Realty Solutions REAL ESTATE BROKER Enrique (Henry) Saldana

Cel: (984) 111-8743Español, English, Françaismoneylendingbus@hotmail.com





Skype: MexicoRealEstate

Pavimentarán Carretera a Boca Paila en la Reserva de Sian Ka’an en Tulum Riviera, Maya

Pavimentarán Carretera a Boca Paila en la Reserva de Sian Ka’an en Tulum Riviera, Maya

Arco Sian Ka an tulum
Arco Sian Ka'An en Tulum

TULUM, 22 de abril.- El camino Tulum-Punta Allen será pavimentado con concreto ecológico, refieren prestadores de servicios que ofrecen tours hacia la reserva. Sin embargo, hasta el momento se están haciendo trabajos de topografía.

Desde hace unas semanas comenzaron los trabajos de topografía, por lo que el proyecto ya está avanzado, indicaron guías de turistas.
Miguel González, uno de estos guías, señaló que el asfalto ecológico ayudará a evitar el deterioro que se agudiza con la temporada de lluvias.
Los trabajos de topografía ya rebasan la zona del puente de Boca Paila, lo que hace suponer que llegarán hasta el poblado.
“Para los prestadores de servicios turísticos no se ven afectados por el camino, puesto que de alguna forma es parte de la aventura que se le ofrece al turista que ocupa el servicio. Sin embargo, para los habitantes de Punta Allen sí es una molestia, porque las malas condiciones del camino deterioran los vehículos”, abundó.
“Generalmente los trabajos de mejoramiento que cada año se realizan se limitan a llegar hasta el puente de Boca Paila, pero ahora pretenden trabajar en todo el camino de poco mas de 60 kilómetros”, insistió.
Tulum-SianKaanEn tres meses, refiere, podría cambiar la fisonomía de este camino, en caso de concretarse el proyecto que se la ha comentado a los prestadores de servicios.


Real Estate Tulum Bienes Raices

Real Estate Tulum Bienes Raices
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Carr. Federal Mexico 307 x Carretera 109 a Coba, Manz 09, Lote 01, Local B, 77780 Tulum, Quintana Roo, México

Baby boomers’ will have city in the middle of the jungle in Tulum

Tulum Real Estate Information

Baby boomers’ will have city in the middle of the jungle in Tulum

CANCUN, Q. Roo .- A complex of 30 000 houses with all services meant to be a Disneyland for retirees.

Barton Cranes House in Tulum Pueblo
CANCÚN, Q.Roo.- Con una inversión de hasta mil millones de dólares, grupo Pegaso, liderado por Alejandro Burillo Azcárraga, planea crear en Tulum un complejo de viviendas en renta para los llamados baby boomers. En su primera etapa consistirá en 300 casas inteligentes en medio de selva, hasta posiblemente llegar a construir 30 mil viviendas. Los baby boomers son la generación de postguerra, que actualmente abarca el 25% de la población de Estados Unidos, aproximadamente 88 millones de personas, donde apenas el 50% de ellas cuenta con las posibilidades económicas para vivir su retiro en su país de origen, por lo que buscan opciones mucho más económicas. Según Manuel Gómez Ortigosa, director técnico del proyecto, este complejo, que abarcará cuatro mil 500 hectáreas, no sólo tendrá viviendas, sino que también contará con salones de usos múltiples, palapas, jacuzzis, servicios de playa, clínicas de especialidades, servicio de ambulancia aérea y terrestre, enfermería, farmacia, telemedicina, comedores, supermercado, tenis, golfitos, zonas para pesca, veleros, snorkel, buceo y kayaks, entre otros servicios, los cuales, dijo, serán como una 'Disneylandia' para los retirados. "Una de las firmas más importantes del planeta que es HKS, son los que están diseñando el plan maestro para poder crear un hábitat que debe ser un Disneylandia para retirados, debe ser un lugar totalmente rústico, que preserve la selva, en donde se aproveche la tecnología sustentable, se tengan accesos a la playa, a la reserva de la biósfera de Sian Ka'an y a otros servicios", explicó. De igual manera, explicó que será en un periodo de entre seis y ocho meses cuando inicie la construcción de la primera etapa de este complejo habitacional, inicialmente llamado Tankah, el cual se perfila como una ciudad estadounidense encerrada en la selva de Tulum, toda vez que el proyecto arquitectónico correrá a cargo de la misma empresa que construyó el estadio de fútbol americano de Dallas, Texas, y tendrá tecnología de una de las principales empresas extranjeras en el ramo. "Uno de los servicios que tendremos es el de telemedicina, que se refiere a poner clínicas donde los usuarios podrán conectar con hospitales en Estados Unidos; así como estaciones de trabajo para que parezca que están en Nueva York o Minnesota, aunque estén en Tulum" Asimismo, precisó que hasta los trabajadores tendrán que estar certificados por Estados Unidos, situación que advirtió como provechosa para los habitantes de las zonas aledañas, pues, dijo, esto les permitirá ascender en la escala económica. "Hay gente en toda esa zona y gente maya que necesita una forma de trabajo y que esto le ayudará a subir en la pirámide a la clase media, pues como una de las cosas más importantes para los baby boomers es contar con enfermeros o enfermeras que estén certificados en Estados Unidos, además de herramientas básicas de inglés y computación, y eso se hará por medio de una escuela en la que aprenderán todo esto vía satelital para que estudien desde aquí y sea la Unión Americana la que los certifique", acotó. Por último, el proyecto Tankah no es el primero en su tipo en el país, pues ciudades como San Miguel de Allende, La Paz, Baja California y Ajijic, Jalisco; son algunas de las que los baby boomers han adoptado como hogares de retiro, pues les representan un ahorro en gastos de entre el 40% y 50%. "Ya muchos baby boomers le han apostado a Quintana Roo como su hogar de retiro, se pueden ver en Puerto Morelos, en Akumal, en Conchita Paamul y en la misma ciudad de Tulum, que están llenas de gente mayor ya retirada, que de alguna manera llegó aquí, así que a Burillo Azcárraga se le ocurrió que era una buena idea proveerlos de vivienda, pero en renta, ya que a los extranjeros les resulta muy difícil hacerse de una propiedad aquí", acotó.

CANCUN, Q. Roo .- With an investment of up to one billion dollars, Pegasus Group, headed by Alejandro Burillo Azcarraga, plans to create a housing Tulum in income for baby boomers. In its first phase will consist of 300 smart houses in the middle of the jungle, to possibly get to build 30 000 houses.

The baby boomers are baby boomers, which currently covers 25% of the U.S. population, approximately 88 million people where only 50% of them with economic opportunities to live their retirement in their country of origin looking at much cheaper options.

According to Manuel Gómez Ortigosa, technical director of the project, the complex, covering four thousand 500 hectares, will not only houses, but also have multipurpose rooms, palapas, hot tubs, beach services, specialty clinics, ambulance service air and ground, nursing, pharmacy, telemedicine, dining, supermarket, tennis, miniature golf, fishing areas, sailing, snorkeling, diving and kayaking, among other services, which he said will as a ‘Disneyland’ for retirees.

“One of the biggest names on the planet that is HKS, are those who are designing the master plan to create a habitat that should be a Disneyland for retirees, should be a totally rustic, to preserve the forest, where they take advantage sustainable technology, they have access to the beach, the biosphere reserve of Sian Ka’an and other services, “he said.

Similarly, said to be in a period of between six and eight months when you start building the first phase of this compound, originally called Tankah, which is emerging as a U.S. city locked in the jungle of Tulum, since that the architectural design will be handled by the same company that built the football stadium in Dallas, Texas, and technology have a major foreign companies in the industry.

“One of the services that we have is that of telemedicine, which refers to putting clinics where users can connect to U.S. hospitals, as well as workstations to look like they are in New York or Minnesota, though they are in Tulum”

Also stated that even the workers have to be certified by the United States warned as beneficial situation for the inhabitants of the surrounding areas, as said, this will allow them to move up the economic ladder.

“There are people in the whole area and Maya people need a way to work and this will help you move up the pyramid to the middle class because, as one of the most important things for the baby boomers is to have nurses or nurses are certified in the United States, as well as basic tools of English and computers, and this will be done by a school you learn all this via satellite to study here and be the American Union, which certifies them, “he said.

Finally, the project Tankah is not the first of its kind in the country, as cities like San Miguel de Allende, La Paz, Baja California and Ajijic, Jalisco, are among the baby boomers have adopted as retirement homes, because they represent a cost savings of between 40% and 50%.

“Already many baby boomers have bet on Quintana Roo as their retirement home can be seen in Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Paamul Conchita and the city of Tulum, which are full of older people already retired, that somehow so came here, so that Burillo Azcarraga occurred to him that was a good idea to provide housing, but rent, as foreigners find it very difficult to get a property here, “he said.

Mexico loans, aka cross-border loans are available TODAY!

Tulum Real Estate Information

Mexico loans, aka cross-border loans are available TODAY!

Tulum Real Estate Mortgages

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