The Governor of the state Félix González Canto along with the Mayor of Tulum, Marciano Dzul Camaal, inaugurated new public works for the benefit of the people and tourists that visit our Tulum Real Estate region, an investment in the 3 million dollars range.  These types of investments are welcome to any Mexico real estate market, and given that Tulum only has a population of a rough estimated 20,000 people,  these injections are very interesting.

Puerto Morelos Overpass Riviera Maya
Puerto Aventuras Overpass Riviera Maya Hghwy 307

At this time  the Governor addressed the people in relation to the world economic situation in which he highlighted the transformation that the new municipality of Tulum will trigger new investment and development in the area such as the new infrastructure on the 307 highway that is part of the communication reseaux that will join the new Tulum international airport which licitation will be public this month.

The new  Airport will have adequate roads and highways running to it due to almost 700 million pesos investment that have been invested on Hwy 307  making it much more secure with considerably less accidents , saving lives and time.

Separetely, another  improvement to the Tulum infrastructure is the pedestrian – cyclist road that leads to the Archeological ruins and the Tulum beachfront property areas which is host to about 1.5 million tourist per year.

The  Tulum real estate zone has much to benefit from the approximate 56 thousand M2 just in 2009, much more needs to be paved but in spite of the world economic situation and young age of the municipality public works in Tulum continue to be done.

Source: Active Rain

Tulum Ruins Aerial Shot
Tulum Ruins Aerial Shot

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