Note that was published in the Province Daily Paper on July 10, 2014 and is transcribed as such.

MADEDITOR05 has made a Reddit of a simple question: “To those who have visited Mexico, What’s the oddest about Mexico that Mexicans find to be normal?”

1 -. No store ever has change, EVER.
2 – There is a love-hate relationship with the United States.
3 -. They love public displays of love and intimate hugs, very very long hugs.
4 -. They have a VERY good personal hygiene.
5 -. They don’t save in the use of the hair gel, it appears that the average daily minimum acceptable is half a jar.
6 -. It’s Really disturbing that an old man pretending to be a child appears on a family program every Sunday.
7 -. I am surprised at the lack of toilet paper and soap in public places, especially schools.
8 -. They are extremely polite, they greet and say goodbye all the time and make me feel impolite.
9 -. References to homosexuality abound in the language, “joto, marica, putito”.
10 -. Canteens bring you free food while you’re drinking, for free! They have no idea how lucky they are, Mexican food and Mexican beer is a champion combination.
11 -. There’s no decent coffee. Chiapas and Veracruz produce world class coffee and it seems that everyone drinks Oxxo coffee and Nescafé.
12 -. The snacks, the snacks are delicious snacks.
13 -. I was surprised by the tardiness of everyone. If the appointment is set at four expect arrivals at four thirty at the earliest.
14 -. That thing you get in restaurants is NOT ketchup. I don’t know what it is, but it is not ketchup.
15 -. When I went to a public restroom they I asked me for money to enter, when I paid I got toilet paper. I did not understand what was happening.
16 -. College education is very casual, there’s a lot of communication between students and teachers.
17 -. There are Hot-Sauce dispensers for popcorn in movie theaters.
18 -. Wal-Mart has a liquor aisle.
19 -. Everyone sells something; either at street corners, outside their homes or even in public buses.
20 -. There are Asians in stores and in Asian restaurants, but nowhere else.
21 -. Nor did I see any non-Mexican children…
22 -. Everything’s an excuse to party, and Mexican fiestas involve the entire family.
23 -. Disregard what American television says of Mexico. it’s NOTHING like they say.
24 -. If you’re black, get used to being the center of attention in Mexico.
25 -. They use lemon on everything.
26 -. Mexicans don’t care about monopolies.
27 -. They don’t seem to mind bushfires, as long as no towns are threatened.
28 -. they seem to believe that a drop of chili will be sufficient to destroy any foreigner. So the custom is to warn every one who approaches the sauce bottle: “but its hot, hey!!”
29 -. The drug cartels scene is central to everything that is done in Mexico, but it is taboo to talk about it in public.
30 -. If you do not understand the multiple meanings of “chingar” and “pedo”, good luck following conversations
31 -. Mexicans see any Central and South American person as inferior. They cannot stand the Argentines either.
32 -. They drink impressive amounts of soda.
33 -. Racism is not such a problem in Mexico. What is a real problem is classism.
34 -. Amongst all of them they support the economy of the people. Walmart?? Never, we go to swap meets and local markets.
35 -. Philadelphia Cheese in maki Why?!


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