The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Tulum, Mexico

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Just 80 miles from Cancún and the last stop on the Yucatán Peninsula’s Riviera Maya, Tulum has long been a fan favorite of the cool kid set from New York and Los Angeles. A bohemian paradise that remains largely untouched by the large chains that dominate this part of Mexico, Tulum is truly a special destination.

Despite all the articles claiming that Tulum is now “over,” that it is the new Williamsburg and a “basic vacation,” I contend that this destination still provides a completely wonderful and magical experience. Yes, in spite of the models all over the beach and soooo many people taking beautiful Instagrams, this little slice of white sand and aquamarine water so clear you can see your toes is still worth the trip.

We wanted to get an insider’s view of the very best Tulum has to offer, so we went to Susan Bohlken, Tulum resident and co-owner of Zamas hotel and restaurant, to offer up some favorite local spots for everything from guacamole to yoga to snorkeling.

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Playa del Carmen, Tulum y Holbox se pueden visitar ¡virtualmente! En Google

Con motivo de la celebración de la independencia nacional, Google sumó estos sitios a sus recorridos interactivos.

La celebración del 204 aniversario del grito de independencia será esta noche y para celebrarlo, Google incluyó entre su colección de 60 sitios emblemáticos de la República Mexicana a destinos turísticos de Quintana Roo.

La Zebra @ Tulum Beach

A través de la aplicación Google Maps, la compañía ofrece un recorrido interactivo de imágenes por sitios, teatros y playas de todo el territorio nacional, informó la empresa a través de su blog este lunes, informa el portal web de CNN México.

“Las imágenes a lo largo de México es una de nuestras colecciones Street View más recientes, en la que se captura el legado mundial natural, cultural e histórico para que lo explores. Ahora empaca tus sandalias virtuales, toma tus lentes digitales y descubre la historia de México”, escribió Google en su blog.

Playas, museos y sitios arqueológicos

Para quienes gustan de las playas, las opciones de exploración incluyen a la playa Holbox  y Playa del Carmen en Quintana Roo, así como el malecón de Puerto Vallarta o la playa ‘Los Muertos’ en el mismo municipio jalisciense.

Mientras que para los amantes de los sitios arqueológicos, Tulum, Chichen Itzá, el Tajín, la zona arqueológica de Tula o Uxmal, son una excelente opción.  La aplicación permite también recorrer algunos museos y sitios que sirven de escenario para eventos masivos.

Nude beach in Tulum, Mexico

Nude beach in Tulum, Mexico

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Tulum beach, in the Riviera Maya has been selected the world´s top beaches for their immense beauty and free-spirit ambience; which are also wonderful natural scenarios were many women sunbath topless, and adults choose to go nude and skinny-dipping. Tulum beach has been traditionally known for years as a nude beach, and there are many hotels, cabanas and resorts that promote “clothing optional” policies which allow nude sunbathers, topless and “fully dressed” people in swimsuits to enjoy the beach and hotel facilities.

Tourists who look for solitary beaches along the Riviera Maya where they can enjoy a naturist environment find Tulum´s beach the idea place where to swim nude, sunbath and even enjoy a whole nude vacation in Riviera Maya. Although nude bathing is illegal in Mexico, it´s usually tolerated at Tulum, in the Riviera Maya.

Tulum Nude BeachIn fact, a couple of years ago some hotels in Tulum promoted themselves as clothing-optional. Of course there are no signs anywhere in Tulum that say it is OK, but nudists do it though, and no one seems to give a care or raise an eyebrow about it. There are only two nude hotels in Tulum that actively advertise optional clothing, which are owned by an Argentinean company and include Copal and Azulik Resorts.

On balance, nude sunbathing in Tulum beach is possible in a few areas that stretch from the Akumal resort zone to the beaches around the ruins of Tulum archeological site. No one else on the beach really cares how much or how little clothing one wears. It’s all part of the Tulum beach environment.

Although it may be possible to drop your clothing in many spots in Tulum´s Hotel Zone and get away with it, plan to limit your nudity to the villa or hotel and beach, since you run the risk of complaints from local residents or from other guests and families with children at villas or resorts nearby that may be offended and claim respect.

For nude-friendly adult-only hotels in Tulum, your choices are the following:

1) Renting a private villa with pool and beach access, there are many beachside villas for rental from Akumal to Tulum available for rent on a daily, weekly and even monthly basis. Most rentals are located near Akumal to the south, then on several secluded beach areas including Soliman and Tankah Bays.

2) Staying at one of those small, simple resorts in Tulum that invite optional clothing in the facilities and beach. They feature a minimalist, holistic atmosphere, with a relaxation approach including yoga and other spiritual services available. These are not a choice if you’re looking for lots of active night life.