The Tulum real estate market receives a large doses of adrenaline

Tulum Real Estate Industry Receives Positive News for International Airport Project

Tulum, Q. Roo,

The Tulum real estate market has received a large doses of adrenaline.  With the presence of President Calderon the Federal Government announced the start of the bidding process for granting the winner of the contract for the airport in the Riviera Maya.  It is estimated that in its early stages, this airport will accommodate 3 million passengers a year, more than Puerto Vallarta, Toluca and San Jose del Cabo.

Airport in Tulum For the Riviera Maya
Airport in Tulum For the Riviera Maya

Currently, the Riviera Maya has 37,000 rooms and a steady stream of tourists that generate foreign exchange and a generator that has driven the development of the region, informed the Governor of Quintana Roo, Félix Arturo Gonzalez Canto.

The work will require an investment of 3,200 million (pesos) and be the first airport project in Mexico that is done through a full grant.

During the presentation, Minister of Communications and Transport (SCT), Juan Molinar Horcasitas, said that the airport will operate as a hub (center for international connections).

He emphasized that the work is planned in detail and care: for the environmental, economic and regional development.   The hotel and the Tulum real estate industries will definitely benefit from the announcement and from the start of this mega project.

The president said that the project will also include the preparation from the grant schemes,  for two stretches of highway.  The first road will extend from  Nuevo Xcan to Playa del Carmen, and the second will be the Playa del Carmen Libramiento that have an investment of around 1,500,000 pesos.

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Source;   CNN expansion

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